Forklift Licence: Top Ten Benefits to Getting Your Forklift Certification

forklift licence benefits of forklift training

Working in a warehousing industry requires a forklift licence, which is an attractive skill employers check when applying for the job. The licence means the employee is versatile, requires little training, and less vulnerable to workplace injuries and accidents. As such, forklift training and certification is mandatory and is required by law. To acquire your forklift licence in Australia, you can be trained and assessed right here in Mackay, and on successful completion, can apply to WorkSafe Queensland for a forklift licence. This is important to not only employers but also employees and the organisation at large following the tremendous benefits that come with the certification and training.

Here are the top ten benefits of obtaining a forklift license.

  1. Cost-saving

When employing highly trained and experienced professionals, an organisation is saved from unfortunate damages, accidents, and injuries costs that result from inexperienced handling of forklifts. The sure way of establishing a safe system in workplaces is by recruiting certified workers to operate forklifts. This can save your organisation considerable ongoing fees.

get trained in forklift and save money

  1. Improves workplace safety

Accidents, injuries, and illnesses are not only hectic to an organisation but also impact the entire workforce negatively. Missing workdays, retraining and compensation costs, and low-quality products spoil organisation reputation, hence affecting sales. Through forklift certification and forklift training, workplace safety is enhanced.

According to, here are five forklift accident statistics that will motivate any OH&S officer in getting the best forklift training in Australia. Please note the statistics below are based on data from the United States.

  1. Forklifts account for around 85 deaths every year.
  2. Forklift accidents that result in serious injury total 34,900 annually.
  3. Non-serious injuries related to forklift accidents reach 61,800 each year.
  4. A forklift overturning is the most common incident, accounting for 24% of all forklift accidents.
  5. If companies implemented more stringent training policies, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that about 70% of forklift accidents in the US could be prevented.
  1. Boosts workplace morale and lowers stress

Companies in Australia emphasising workforce health and safety and carrying out relevant regular training boost employees’ morale and productivity. Organisations putting much focus on these values always rank high in their business performance. This, in turn, leads to more satisfied and productive employees, which in turn leads to higher employee retention rates and a higher quality of service overall.

  1. Your maintenance costs will be reduced

Forklifts are expensive machines, and therefore, they require a feasible plan in both their operation and maintenance. Handling them carelessly means high preventable maintenance costs, accidents, and even worse, injuries. Not only that, but who has time to speak to lawyers about injury claims for work-related incidents? Such costs drain an organisation’s profits unexpectedly, potentially leading to a close down. Many workplace injuries are preventable when the workforce is adequately trained and have the relevant skills to operate forklifts and heavy machinery. As such, organisations must consider training their employees efficiently as damaging expensive machinery reparations costs cover multiple times training costs.

forklift maintenance costs benefits

  1. Reduced Insurance Costs

When accidents and severe injuries occur at workplaces, the organisation’s insurance company takes the cover of associated medical costs. If safety training and proper recruitment are done, reduced workplace injuries and accidents are the results. This will minimise the premiums you have to pay each year to keep your workplace safe.

  1. Greater return on investment

Ideally, safer workplaces attract fewer accidents, injuries, and illnesses, boosting employee morale hence increased productivity and profits. Increased productivity means higher returns of investment. For instance, if a forklift driver is injured, it means he/she will be out for some days unproductive while being rewarded. As such, it is vital to train employees on how to avoid injuries and accidents to maximise profits and ensure safety in workplaces.

  1. Career growth

Obtaining forklift training and certification is an added advantage to employees as they are open to more and better job paying opportunities. Every employer requires trained and certified workforces to avoid preventable risks, hazards, devastating fines, low productivity, and low-quality services. For those with a forklift licence here in Australia and in particular, the Mackay region, your opportunity for excellent job roles is high. Just think about all the warehousing we have in every major city in Australia. The sky really is the limit when it comes to forklift opportunities.

  1. Faster business growth and development

Irrefutably, a trained workforce offers faster, better, and high-quality services. Combined with reduced maintenance costs, accidents, and injuries, an organisation will develop at a quicker rate. Fewer injuries, accidents, and low equipment maintenance costs mean organisations will incur less, and more funds will be invested in other productive areas; hence, expansion.

  1. Ensure compliance with state regulations

No country and organisation can operate without a law governing its operations. Violating the demands of the law means intractable fines and bans. For instance, in Australia, the law stipulates that it is the responsibility of employers to ensure safety in workplaces. This means that all workplaces must be free from hazards and free from accidents and injuries causing vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is the responsibility of employers to comply at all times and adhere to administration rules to build successful businesses

  1. Operation flexibility and transfer of skills

Successfully gaining a forklift licence is a clear indication of having the right skills and experience to work in any place within our great country with better pay and opportunities, therefore, giving you the opportunity to better fortunes and gaining experience in the field.

Overall, forklift certification and licensing is a mandatory requirement for most employers as it reveals employee versatility, experience, and skills to deliver faster and high-quality services. No employer would like to risk recruiting an untrained workforce following the risks associated such as low production, fines, and high forklift maintenance. Get your certification by enrolling in a recognised institution and be sure of better and more opportunities out there.

You can find out more about our Forklift Licence course here.

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