Welcome to Momentum HRT – Policies & Procedures

Momentum High Risk Training Pty Ltd works in partnership with HALO NT (RTO No. 32485)

Thank you for choosing Momentum High Risk Training (MHRT) as your training program provider. Our training programs are challenging and rewarding experiences and we hope we can fully meet all of your expectations and needs.

At MHRT, we aim to:

  • Create a training environment that promotes leading health, safety and environmental practices; our goal is to provide an environmentally friendly, healthy and injury-free workplace.
  • Deliver quality training services by operating in a way that consistently exceeds the quality standards expected by our stakeholders and community.
  • Provide everyone with an equal opportunity to learn by applying a response approach to the needs of each individual student.
  • Value personal privacy; all information we collect, store and use throughout our operations is in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988.

General Information

Office Hours
Office hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00pm Monday to Friday, out of hours training can be organised by prior arrangement.

Workplace Health and Safety

Safety is the responsibility of each individual at MHRT. To ensure the general safety of all students and staff members, MHRT works to a number of safety requirements which must be adhered to by everyone who accesses our facilities or training programs.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Momentum values your privacy. We will ensure all efforts are made to protect the information we collect, store and use throughout our operation. The way in which we collect information will always remain systematic, consistent and relevant to the operation and in compliance with the Privacy Act 1988.

Code of Conduct

All students are expected to behave in a responsible and courteous manner, considering the needs of other students and Momentum staff. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated and consequences may include the withdrawal of the student from the training program. Any unlawful behaviour will be reported to the police.

Unacceptable behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

  • Disrupting the learning of others
  • Preventing staff members from performing their duties
  • Endangering the health and safety of others
  • Participating in acts of horseplay, fighting, sabotage or criminal acts
  • Stealing property, removing property without authorisation or the piracy of information
  • Harassing or treating others unfairly
  • Cheating or plagiarism
  • Attending the program under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Smoking in a Momentum office building, ignoring designated smoking areas and perimeters

Rules in the Training Room

While some training programs may have additional specific rules, the rules listed below are mandatory and must be followed by all students undertaking training at MHRT:

  • Students should behave in a courteous, respectful and professional manner at all times
  • Closed-toe footwear is to be worn at all times
  • Suitable and appropriate clothing should be worn at all times, allowing for practical training to take place
  • Mobile phones are to be turned off during training. Breaks are scheduled during all courses and phones are permitted during this time.
  • Students should always be punctual to ensure training starts on time
  • All equipment must be responsibly used and carefully looked after
  • All work areas are to be left tidy
  • Smoking is only permitted in designated areas during breaks
  • Students must work towards achieving the competencies of the training program
  • Students must complete any training and assessment related to the training program

Personal Belongings

You are responsible for your own personal belongings while attending training. MHRT will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of your own belongings.

Fitness to Work

All students are expected to be responsible for presenting themselves for training in a fit and healthy state.

“Where MHRT is conducting business activities under a stakeholder’s fitness to work management system, the management system setting the higher standard will be the system used. “

Alcohol, Drug and Medication Usage

All students entering the MHRT premises may be required to undertake a random Drug and Alcohol Test. As a requirement of some training programs, students may be expected to undertake a compulsory Drug and Alcohol Test prior to commencing the training as per the client’s requirements. All compulsory testing will be communicated from the client to the student prior to being enrolled in the training program.

  • Any student who is affected by alcohol or other substances will not be permitted to undertake a MHRT training program
  • Alcohol cannot be taken onto a MHRT business site without the approval of a member of the MHRT management team
  • No person is permitted to take illegal drugs into a MHRT business site
  • Students must inform the program trainer or a MHRT staff member where they are taking prescribed medication that may affect their ability to successfully undertake the training course.

Fatigue Management

The best person to judge if you are fatigued is yourself.
If a student is feeling fatigued to the point that it may affect the health and/or safety of themselves or those around them, they have a responsibility to report the fatigue to their program trainer or MHRT staff member
Where a student believes that another student is fatigued to the point that it may affect the health and/or safety of them and those around them, they have a responsibility to report this to their program trainer or MHRT staff member
Where a program trainer or MHRT staff member observes or is informed of a student’s possible fatigued condition, MHRT will evaluate the situation to determine whether the person’s wellbeing and/or training outcome will be affected. In this case, a possible consequence would be the student’s training being rescheduled.

Competency-Based Training

All training programs offered by MHRT employ competency-based training methodologies. Competency-based training is a form of training and assessment that aims to produce a workforce equipped with the knowledge and skills required by industry.

To be assessed as competent, success must be achieved in all elements of the unit or competency (standard) relevant to the program being delivered. These units of competency have been developed and maintained by the relevant industries in conjunction with a number of state and federal industry training bodies. These units of competency and the associated qualifications are nationally recognised.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Under the Australian Qualifications Framework, competencies may be attained in a number of ways including formal and informal training, education, work experience of general life experience.

MHRT is committed to offering and raising a student’s awareness of our processes for:

  • Recognised prior learning
  • Mutual recognition

Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) is a pathway for a student to show evidence of competency against relevant unit/s of competency. They must have evidence of previously attained skills and knowledge, which are assessed against varied methods appropriate to the individual, by an assessor with the applicable expertise in the subject, content of skills area, as well as knowledge of and experience in RPL assessment.

Mutual Recognition is the acceptance and recognition of Qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by another registered training organisation.

Contact your trainer or a MHRT staff member if you wish to explore the process for recognising your prior learning.

Access and Equity

All MHRT training programs have been designed to consider the varying needs of our students. Ways we offer access and equity assistance is offered to MHRT students include, but are not limited to:

  • Individual coaching
  • Additional coaching
  • Flexible learning arrangements
  • Flexible assessment
  • Language, literacy and numeracy assistance
  • Feedback on individual progress and participation

Learning Support

If you require any assistance to ensure the successful completion of your training program, please contact your program trainer or MHRT staff member.

Students may require assistance to enter or continue in a training program offered by MHRT. Delivery methods and assessment processes will be adapted so that each student has the opportunity to achieve competence.

MHRT will endeavour to make all reasonable considerations for students in their rights to access and equity where practical, with consideration to the physical and financial constraints of our business, without prejudice or being to the broader group of students.

MHRT will aim to:

  • Provide and maintain a fair and responsible service that provides equal opportunities to our diverse range of students
  • Ensure equity for all students through fair and appropriate allocation of resources
  • Ensure quality outcomes without discrimination
  • Ensure we provide students with fair and appropriate access to all training programs
  • Promote opportunities for students to participate in
  • Ensure all students are equally able to access and obtain information regarding
  • individual progress and participation in training programs

Training and Assessment

All training and assessment activities conducted on MHRT’s behalf shall be conducted to ensure:

  • It meets all relevant business policies and procedures
  • Is continually reviewed and updated to ensure it adheres to current standards and industry requirements
  • Is innovative, flexible and customised where necessary to meet individual and industry needs, based on sound educational practices and principles
  • Considers the diverse needs of our learners
  • Meets all relevant training and industry legislative requirements

Fees, Charges and Refund Procedure

All course cancellation notices must be received in writing


  • Cancellations received more than 10 working days before the start of the course will be able to transfer to a future course. Cancellations will otherwise attract a 20% administration fee (with the remainder of the course fee refunded)
  • Notice to cancel a course between 4 – 10 working days before the course commences will incur a fee to the value of 50% of the course fee (with the remainder of the course fee refunded)
  • Notice to cancel a course less than 4 working days before the course commences will incur a fee to the value of 100% of the course fee


  • Notice to reschedule a course more than 4 working days before the course commences – rescheduled dates to be booked within 3 months of original course date, otherwise will incur a fee to the value of 100% of the course fee
  • Notice to reschedule a course 4 working days or less before the course commences will incur a fee to the value of 100% of the course fee

If no medical certificate is produced for non-attendance, full fees will be charged. Non-attendance refund is at the discretion of Momentum High Risk Training

Course dates and fees are subject to change without prior notice

If Momentum High Risk Training needs to cancel a course due to measures beyond their control (for example: severe weather event, damage to facilities or other reason), participants will be given the choice to reschedule their training to another available date or be provided with a full refund

If a Not Yet Competent (NYC) result is given, the participant will be able to re-sit the assessment at no cost.  If another Not Yet Competent (NYC) result is given at this point, the participant will be required to re-sit the assessment at cost.

Issuance of Program Awards
Please see link to Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd – RTO 32485 (halont.edu.au) – page 7

Student Identifier Scheme (Unique Student Identifier)
Please see link to HALO NT

Complaints and Appeals
All complaints will be treated in a confidential and timely manner.

Complaints against Momentum High Risk Training:

  1. Firstly, discuss the complaint with a staff member or the Manager.  If no outcome has been reached, the complainant may fill out a Complaints Form and sent to Management
  2. All interactions with the complainant will be recorded in writing
  3. An independent consultant will be utilised in reviewing the complaint
  4. If no resolution has been found, then the complainant may seek support through the Training Complaints Hotline

Where the student is not satisfied with the quality of service that MHRT have offered, and MHRT have been unable to answer your questions adequately, the following services may be of assistance:

Training Ombudsman Queensland: 1300 306 699 or www.ombudsman.qld.gov.au
Office of Fair Trading: 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au
RTO Registration Details: www.training.gov.au
Australian Skills Quality Authority: 1300 701 801

Contact Details
If you have any feedback about us, please feel free to contact us via:

15 Satellite Crescent
Mackay Harbour
QLD  4740

Thank you for choosing Momentum HRT as your training provider. We look forward to working with you!